Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ahh I can't believe Andrew & Mer are gone already! Had such fun... Going to taco night with the girls (and Andrew), staying up late New Year's Eve playing Trivial Pursuit (Lindsey & I won!! yay us!!), watching the illegal fireworks, trying to make ice cream out of snow, going to dinner at the Crazy Pepper (thanks Mer for the gift certificate -- Andrew understood why I love that place after taking just one bite), watching cheesy 80s movies...

Saturday afternoon we were lazing around on our last unplanned day, watching videos of the house being built, and Mum suggested a hike. Luckily Andrew & I didn't wimp out -- Tamanawas was beautiful with the layer of snow over everything. We rushed to the falls, and it was sooo worth the 2 miles of slippery snow. I didn't remember what it looked like -- very impressive... a sheer drop off with water pouring over. Andrew took 70 pictures along that hike!!

Afterwards, at home, we warmed up by the fire and drank hot chocolate. Yums. I made mine from scratch (as in baker's chocolate, sugar, some of a chocolate bar, and milk). Helped Mum make scalloped potatoes, and Andrew & I made the sugary & marshmallowy sweet potatoes. Our efforts at a fancy dinner were thwarted by the sudden break down of the oven. The range top worked, so we finished dinner by frying up ham and microwaving potatoes. Ack!! [This problem is due to be fixed next Tuesday, so it looks like me and Mum won't be doing the twice-baked potatoes.] In the evening we watched Spaceballs (so cheesy).

Sunday was taking Mer back to Corvallis day. Saw her lilac room, hunted about for a certain pair of shoes, helped Mer change her sheets and make the bed while Andrew put her cushy chair together. We kept forgetting things for Mer in the car, so I made two trips up to her room after our goodbyes (and she still forgot her gum! But don't worry Mer, I won't chew it, I promise!) Then Mum started honking and we yelled at Mer's window from the street to get her attention, as a particularly cute basset was going by. Are we the most embarrassing family members a first year college student could get stuck with? Yes.

Coming back I slept, using Andrew as a pillow. Then in the middle of the night we brought him to the airport. Going back to bed in the half empty house was tres sad =( I miss you, Schmoopy! And me and the Dtub can't get used to Mer being gone! Luckily I worked with Mum today so I didn't mope around the house. I worked a bit on applications and read some more of my book... Tim's worried about the pipes freezing.

I found liquorice altoids today. SO GOOD!

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