Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Today I slept in, read, about finished my grad school apps (must just read everything over, print, choose writing samples, and send off), took Bosun on a walk, and relaxed. Bosun ran away from me when I was trying to walk him. He barked at me when I called to him, encouraging him to hurry his ass up and catch up. He sniffed a moment longer and ran back down the trail to the house, so I ran after him. I tackled him halfway back, and he lost his balance and fell. Then I tried to herd him back up to the ditch, and resorted to walking him on his leash. He insisted on going down to the frozen ditch for a drink, so I tried to break the ice for him. Then he went out on the ice himself, and his back legs kind of splayed out like he was trying to do the splits. He looked mighty confused, and then got the hell off the ice. When we got home, I gave him one of those chewing ears that Mer bought for him, and he grunted and walked away from me. Crazy old basset.

Check this out Mer: http://postgazette.com/pg/04363/433410.stm

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