Wednesday, March 17, 2010

an analogy for life

so. I went out for a drink with a guy last night. and he told me about this study: apparently, tapeworms can actually help people with allergies. people have always gotten tapeworms and tried to fight them off. tapeworms have always retaliated and can suppress the immune system. then your immune system doesn't waste energy (or have the energy to waste) on fighting shit like dust mites and pollen.

the science, if you're interested:

I'm kind of not that interested in the science. I think it's a great analogy for life.

sometimes when you don't actually have anything to fight, you make up imaginary shit (ie, dust mites). better to have a real problem, in small doses (ie, tapeworms).


Julia said...

Becky, listen to this podcast-- I just heard it recently and was totally creeped out and intrigued.

The parasites episode

I found a postcard from you from college-- Cannon Beach?! Hope you're doing well!

Nita said...

I heard about this! It's called the hygiene hypothesis. Like us living in such an ultra clean world has actually made us LESS healthy. Crazy, huh?