Saturday, March 20, 2010

true story

Last night Helene & I took a long walk to 20th and Irving to see about a coat-rack for the hallway. On the way, as we were walking up Haight and had just passed three homeless men who called us beautiful, I suggested we maybe walk along Page so as to have the sidewalk to ourselves. Because, as I said, even though I have this fantasy that I'm going to meet someone while walking on a crowded street, it never happens -- and instead, I have to avoid tires thrown by street kids (also, true story -- and one of the street kids cleverly threw in "I bet you get men throwing rubbers at you in the street all the time"). SO. We walked down Page until we hit Golden Gate Park. We got the coat-rack, scouted out crowded restaurants to perhaps someday visit, and headed back to our neighborhood. We turned down back to Haight at Masonic -- and within a block -- a guy was trying to talk to us. I didn't get it, until Helene said something, and a random man on the street said "he wants you two to go to a party with him." OK. So we turn back, explain we were taking the air and picking up a coat-rack, and no, not going to any party at that moment. So we're walking away and Helene says she should have facilitated that better, because, after all, the dude was cute. SO HE COMES RUNNING AFTER US and gets our numbers.

The dramatic irony!

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