Sunday, December 13, 2009

why I hate shopping for phones

Kid you not, this is the description for ATT's LG Neon:

Looking for a fun and flirty texting device that will get you noticed? Get ready for the LG NEON(TM) by AT&T! This compact and colorful phone lets you stay connected to your social circle wherever you go. Dial quickly using the external touch screen or slide out the full QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy messaging. Use Bluetooth® capabilities to share contacts, calendar events, notes, and more with all your friends. And, to really stand out in the crowd, groove to songs from your favorite playlists while multitasking. Taking pictures or video with the 2 MP camera is also a snap. Capture your latest look with the self-portrait mirror, then send out the photos to show off your trendsetting style. Go on - get accessorized and get attention with the LG NEON.

If you were wondering, YES, this is definitely being marketed to 14 year old girls. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO TEXT WITHOUT HITTING THROUGH FOUR LETTERS EVERY TIME I NEED A Z!

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