Friday, December 18, 2009

prepping for a holly jolly christmas

Tonight Merrie & her boyfriend, Brian, arrive. With Sunny the sheltie & two gerbils in tow. Wondering what it will be like to add these creatures to the current mix -- Mum, Tim, me, Sasquatch the cat, and Benny the luck dragon dog. I arrived Weds. night, and Mum & Tim both had trouble sleeping. So last night, the dog and the cat ended up on MY bed. Funny story, that. Benny was quite fine, sitting by the fire in the living room, until he suddenly realized that, with me going to bed, HE WAS ALL ALOOOOOONNNNEEEE. CRISIS! He started barking. I came out, gave him a soft kick (not an oxymoron), shushed him, went back to my room & Sasquatch the cat. Benny started barking AGAIN. Well, not wanting him to wake up the parents, I took him into my room. But instead of curling up on the floor, he looked up at me, expectantly. I whispered that he had radically misunderstood the conditions upon which he was invited into my room. LEAPS onto the bed, which is rather high for a 10" high creature. Well, at that point, Sasquatch moved to the foot of the bed. Benny tried to wiggle up closer, but I halted him and said, BOUNDARIES. All was fine for the first four hours. Then Benny's periodic maneuvering and licking noises got to me and he was evicted.

Oh, pets.

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