Thursday, December 31, 2009


Had a great Oregon visit... I should have kept track of comings & goings. But I do remember:

- Two quiet days at home with just Mum & Tim.
- Mer's arrival with Brian, Sunny, and the gerbils.
- Our kids' night out in Hood River with Joe -- from the British pub to the brew pub.
- Sister time in Portland, at Powell's and the Pearl Bakery, while Brian took the GRE's.
- Dinner at Celilo.
- A walk in the leftover slush up the old logging road, with Brian & Mer.
- A walk up the old highway with Dad, Mer, & Sunny. We came across a little waterfall that looked like somewhere in Ireland, a setting for elves and unicorns. Then Sunny met up with another dog & played with vigor. We noticed the redness of the fallen leaves. We returned as the sun was completely setting, and Christmas lights were going on across the river in Washington.
- Christmas eve at Maribeth & Robin's.
- Christmas morning -- waking up to the Nutcracker Suite blasting in the living room, as Mum tried to get us out for presents. Presents! Then getting ready and dressed for Christmas dinner with Grammy.
- Dinner at the Inn, overlooking the Columbia.
- Impromptu family reunion with Mom's cousin. Gouda the English bulldog & the cat-like Japanese Chin.
- A snowy hike with Mum & Mer up Gilhouly.
- Working at Dog River Coffee, then getting pizza with Mum & Mer & exploring bookstores.
- Lazy mornings, reading by the fire & drinking coffee.
- A last moonlit walk with Merrie & Sunny -- the moon was so bright we didn't need a flashlight, and the trees even had shadows.

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