Wednesday, April 22, 2009

so nice to have a sober night at home

The title being an allusion to a conversation with Helene last night, as we were sitting on the front porch because it was crazy hot all day, and I was eating dinner (finally).

Because the night before (Monday), I went to a concert with Steve: The Black Kids and Mates of State. Best part, M of S covering Tom Waites's Long Way Home. And when some dudes in a car tried to pick me up. I love that. This after a morning of brunch, two hours of work until I couldn't stand being outside (even in the shade) for the heat, an afternoon on the beach with the roommates.

And the day before that, I took a shopping trip (yay, sandals!), followed by walking in Golden Gate Park, a lovely dinner at Hannah's, wine and a mean game of book lovers' trivial pursuit. And more beer at Amber.

And the day before that, I'd been super good and settled in for some work in the evening, as I didn't do much work in the afternoon, despite coffee shopping with Jill, when the roommates got a car together for Casanova. So beer, wine, people watching. And if I hadn't done that, I should probably have gone to Pedro's rock costume party...

And Friday night I was celebrating Steve being done with orals, followed by a lecture on Napoleon in art, followed by more beer in the mission with Garth and Allen. And a super strange encounter at a convenience store: I wanted to get cash back, but apparently had to spend at least $5, and I didn't want to carry crap around just to get cash... but the guy didn't want me to leave without the tea I had picked out, so he said to come by another time to pay him back, and I asked to shake on it. So someday I've gotta go back to Valencia and 24th. Garth said in response to this story: "It must be nice to be a girl."

And the night before THAT, I barely got any sleep, because I got home at like 10:30 from a CSN discussion, and immediately joined my roommates downstairs for Adam's birthday, which turned into a jam session and sing along. We covered -- some Grease, Message in a Bottle, Wonderwall, Hotel California, What I Got... and three renditions of the birthday song, because his dad was having trouble getting a photo of him in action blowing out the candles.

And Weds. night, after an afternoon at the library, quizzing Steve on 18th c. lit. dates over sausages and beer. Followed by my meeting a random dude on a bike, who was high as a kite, invited me to a party, and asked for a hug. I hugged him -- he was kind of cute, his name was Christian, and I was tipsy.

Tuesday was trivia night at the Castle, so that meant a beer. And I was totally right on Patti Labelle being the original artist for Lady Marmalade. And George Eliot being Mary Ann Evans. And recognizing Roy Orbinson's voice. After a day of the writing center and the library, though.

Monday I don't know what I did... I remember going to the library in the sunset, but other than that...?

Sunday was Dan and Jodie's wedding celebration party: theme, British in the park. It was warm and beautiful and many people I adore were there, it was lovely. And then I got to catch up with Sara L. over a healthy dinner.

Before that... it's hazy. Probably I should update more often. And do more work on my chapter daft.

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Claudia said...

Refinement of your trivia answer: You were *almost* right, but LaBelle, the three-woman group, was the originator of "Lady Marmalade. Patti LaBelle was, naturally, the centerpiece of this group, and she shortly thereafter spun off into her solo career.

Man, I miss pub trivia.