Thursday, April 30, 2009

the n-judah will be the death of me

I hate the n-judah. And sports. And people who like sports so much, that they go to Giants games and then take the n-judah home.

What I like:
-Interesting guys who hit on me at Safeway. Or rather, the one interesting guy who did that. In the candy aisle.

-The Seventh Generation grocery bag I got with my order, filled with samples. Including a carrots chapstick. I love samples.

-Gardenia scented lotion I ordered on

-Paine's Rights of Man. It made the n-judah ride a lot less painful.

-Paying bills online while sitting in bed with a jar of nutella.

1 comment:

Nickie said...

what is n-judah....? Am I missing out on some radical new slang, help.