Thursday, April 02, 2009

have I abandoned this?!

New lows with the updating!

But it's because I've been busy...

The apartment has changed! Holli is gone, Emily is back, and we now have a MATCHING couch set for the living room. Four pieces, $400, split five ways. Very proud of ourselves. Especially after four of us carried a love seat up four blocks (including our hill) at 11 pm last Thursday. Luckily we got Holli's couch out, because she apparently had no (working) plan for moving it to her new place. Another highlight: Helene and I in a community truck, with the "vagina couch" (so called because of its pink leatheriness) deconstructed in the back, with 4-6 fellow housemates piled into the back. As Helene said, last chance to ride the vagina -- it convinced Peter to jump in, with his bowl of cereal.

So we're re-learning how to negotiate our space. It's amazing. We're tidy! I cleaned the bathroom, Vincent mopped the floor, Greg threw out old crap and rearranged the living room, Vincent and Emily cleaned out under the kitchen sink... We hang out in the common spaces more! Last night we listened to clips of 60's-90's hits to up our trivia knowledge. Tonight Helene and I baked TWO batches of cookies.

Spring break happened! I worked, but also managed to hang out at Dolores Park and the beach with Garth. Went to an art show with Jill and Nirav that involved baroque costumes... including one that I belatedly realized was easter themed: a pink bunny hat, with loads of beaded easter baskets covering the body. Not prints, ACTUAL baskets. Jill and I got hit on by a 40 year old. Ick. Then we went to a club and danced. I danced *dirtily* for two hours. Scandalous. It was fun. Next night: Sushi with Garth, followed by awesome drinks at Alembic. I had the "southern exposure" and "the bee's knees." All for new drinks.

Trivia-ing it up: this week was my second week with Pedro's team. So we didn't do as well this week... but after the trust falls, I'm hoping we improve.

Also: I've been going to campus far, far too often this week.

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