Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time for less alcohol, more Adorno

Admit weekend hit us again. I hosted a fellow Oregonian in 19th century British lit. They arrived on Weds, and I went from a full day of PWR & the open house (ugh. I hate the open house. 18-year-olds asking "Rhetoric of Fear. So what do you read?") to the pizza party & wine. Then I hung around the dept. on Thursday, took a nap in the afternoon, and went out to dinner with the admits. Three Seasons again, but this year: so much food. I sat next to some of my favorite admits, and we decided to revert to frivolous topics as often as possible. Preferably involving Britney's lack of hair (we covered why typing "Britney shaved" into Google does not in fact yield the news story). Then all the cool kids started drinking at Nola's. Lost track of time.

Friday I basically slept. Some reading. Grey's Anatomy watching. The OC on youtube (thank God someone put it up). Waiting up for my admit to see how dinner in the city was.

Today I hung out with my admit in the morning (we chatted over oatmeal), and then hung out in the dept. Ostensibly to do some reading away from my computer, but in actuality to hang out instead of do reading. Somehow we ended up reading Joyce's dirty lust letters and The Pearl (19th century erotica, basically). A happy mispronunciation resulted in the coining of a new term: smeries (smut series). I read like 4 pages of Adorno. Then I ended up going out to dinner with the group at La Strada. Vegetarian risotto... good. Lemon creme brulee and chocolate souffle with vanilla gelato... so much better than the main course. And my espresso came with an information card. You know, so I could bond with where the coffee beans came from (somewhere with little rainfall, unlike Palo Alto tonight).

Back to my real life: The Golden Bowl and PWR lesson plans.

Also: How is it that the Studio 3/4 trip to Hobee's tomorrow is now down to four people? I'm sad more people didn't sign up. Seriously, free brunch. I think it's going to be basically Adela and I catching up.

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