Saturday, February 10, 2007

Highlights lately

It's been a while, it seems, since I updated substantially... and I'm having trouble motivating myself to 1) read Brecht (although he's much easier to read than, say, Adorno), 2) read Benjamin and prepare my presentation for Tuesday, and 3) make sure I have something planned with which to take up the last 20 minutes of my class on Monday (taking the students to the Writing Center = an excellent idea).

The last week has been busy and incredible.

- Dessert night about a week and a half ago. I love hazelnut chocolate cake (or as Andronico's calls it, gerhard michler). Medium seemed not up to par -- more melodramatic (of course the first time I subject others to watching it, it's less entertaining than usual).

- Playing Mafia last Friday. I'm a more believable liar than truth teller, apparently.

- Class on Monday: I had my students ripping apart Boothe Prize essays.

- Weds night: after a day of conferences with students, Sarah invited a group of us out to dinner with the CSN speaker. Perfect dinner & discussion. Which ended in politics, as all good discussions seem to do.

- Thursday: Conferences with students all day. Had one no-show. Back to school for the lecture, which was excellently entertaining (on nasty characters). Ended up going to dinner again, and felt guilty that someone else couldn't take my place. Especially as I'd gotten to enjoy their company the night before. But the best part: impromptu slumber party at Sarah's: talk over tea, the combined powers of Simon & Clever (the dynamic-grey-tailless feline duo), memories of admit weekend two years ago, and coffee in the morning.

- Volunteering for the Valentine Party. I had a bad conscience because I didn't do my CA service hours last quarter, so I was one of the first to sign up for this. Adela had also volunteered, and we drank champagne and wine and ate cupcakes while watching a door (we were supposed to count how many people left. I kept track on the pool score chalkboard. We saw one person leave, and one person enter). Best way to get service hours ever. I had the perfect excuse to act the wallflower at a party and people watch, while catching up with other CAs (example: hadn't seen Raj since our retreat last Sept.). And we were rewarded with bottles of champagne to bring home with us.

The walk home in light rain was also beautiful.

And now today I've slept in (till around noon), done some reading, some cleaning, and some dinner making. In between work tonight, I think I'll do laundry (Saturday night laundry is becoming my tradition) and watch some SNL.

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