Friday, February 16, 2007

Sunny spring day -- mid Feb.

Sometimes I love California.

We must have had a high of near 70 today. I wore sandals. As I could have predicted from my bed, no one came to my office hours this morning. But it did mean that I got some reading done before noon. Our "retired" admit committee went out to lunch with the new, up and coming committee -- ostensibly to pass on our wisdom. But I think they already have it under control: they have not one, but SEVEN Excel spreadsheets. And that, in my opinion, = organization.

Anyway, we went to the Cantor Art Museum's cafe -- unfortunately named the "Cool Cafe." I'm not quite sure what they were going for with that name. The failure of creativity becomes more conspicuous when it's situated by the Rodin sculpture garden. And when you compare the cafe's name to the food they serve, which really is quite good. If you're going to eat on the Stanford campus, please, please eat at the Cafe. Lots of organic & veggie options. Beet salad. Purple eggs. Incredible mochas.

It reminded me of last year, when we took the retired committee to lunch... also at the Cafe... also on a particularly beautiful day.

After getting home, I didn't really want to spend the last of the day in my tragically-unsunny studio (no direct sunlight, ever. not even a sliver of a ray). So I did my biweekly grocery shopping extravaGANza! today. Walked to Mollie Stone's (I'm finding that I enjoy walking there more than biking. I discovered a route that takes me through a small park). Got milk at JJ&F, because somehow it's less there. Then I did the shopping center trip. Somehow I spent an hour in Target. I too am mystified. I bought mopping cloths and method shower cleaner; I need to do a deep cleaning before I host someone next week. For some reason I bought a box of Choxi chocolate. Seriously, a box made of chocolate, containing chocoate. It's ridiculous. Who does that? When I buy a box of chocolates, it's because I want the excitement of not knowing what the hell's in the middle of each of them. Having a solid block of chocolate, which doubles as a freaking BOX, does not excite me in the same way. What do you DO with this thing? The function of a box is to shield its contents. But when the box itself needs to be shielded, then what do you do? Buy a bigger box made of chocolate? You can't leave the box on the table to gather dust. You certainly can't eat it in one sitting. It's a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, boxed in an enigma... or something like that.

Anyway, I'm incredibly glad that I won't be needing to enter Target for another three months or so. Trader Joe's was much easier.

Grey's Anatomy: one hour of my life, 20 minutes of time within the narrative, ending with Meredith supposedly dead.

I don't believe it.

Bought new types of tea today. This is something I really don't need to see when I'm making tea, by the way:

It's a monkey, making a cup of tea, DRESSED IN A CAP AND JACKET.

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