Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sunday: After some shopping and yard saling (yay one dollar lamp!!) we were off to Walden Pond. Luckily there was still parking when we got there. We hiked around half the lake looking for a good spot to sit down. This became a real dilemma...but we eventually found a fairly secluded spot that was getting direct sunlight. Read in the sun for awhile -- it wasn't too hot, a bit cloudy. The water was so warm though that at times it was better to be in the water than on land! I didn't think I'd go swimming at first, but after I started going in I thought I may as well keep going and lure Andrew out, too. Had lots of fun paddling about with Andrew -- I frog swam a lot, accidentally swallowed some lake water, the usual.

We had brought some snacks with us, and when we started eating, the forest creatures started emerging. OK, not exactly the Bambi cast, but a couple of squeaky chipmunks had the guts to steal some apple from us. I kept biting off chunks to feed them, and finally I just put the whole apple core down by us. Sure enough, one of the chipmunks came and dragged it off. Not quite sure how little animals do this -- if I tried to pick something up that weighed nearly as much as I do, with my TEETH no less, I think I'd really ruin the old ortho work (and end up wearing dentures). Hmmm...

On the way home we stopped in Watertown or something like that (which Cheryl and I passed on the detour home from work today) for Andrew's DVD player. Luckily we obtained one that had not been thrown down onto the floor (at least not while we were looking). So that along with Andrew's new chair and the TV he brought over awhile ago has made the room pretty spiffy.

Monday... Finished watching 9 and a Half Weeks. Yeah I didn't really get that movie. Except that the guy was a total nut case and the woman needed to make up her freaking mind.

Tuesday: Got a ride home with Cheryl and took the T alone for the first time, as Andrew was at a Phish concert. Made pizza for dinner and didn't burn the house down.

Weds: Straight from work to the Phish concert. Saved time cutting off traffic to the Fleet Center, lost it when we didn't park in a private yard/ driveway. I will write the expose on this one later, perhaps not on the blog though, not sure yet. Slept on the way home, so I wasn't too tired today. We had ice cream when we got home.

Today: Said good-bye to Andrew over lunch time. Got a ride with Cheryl after work and we couldn't stand the traffic so we got off around Waltham, asked some woman for directions, and luckily ended up on Route 20. We went basically the same way me and Andrew went on Sunday. We squeezed in front of a car at the same intersection where Andrew went into the wrong lane, too. This time we avoided the through-the-parking-lot-with-a-probably-illegal U-turn-at-the-end manuever.

Once again fixed dinner without burning the house down, and even got lunch ready for tomorrow.

Missing Andrew scale: Sad, break in routine, but OK -- so much to do all the time! Karuna's advice: "You are woman! Hear you roar!" Me: "But now I'm going to have to make dinner myself!"

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