Saturday, August 07, 2004

Like every other work week, this last one wasn't so exciting. Go to work, write, research, fool around on the internet a little, feel dazed and sleepy staring at the computer screen, etc., etc. Dave, the half-crazed high school intern, has left for the summer. John, the reticent intern that we rarely (if ever) heard speak, is gone. That means that the computer shortage crisis is over (or so I hope). Ummm... what did we do after work this week... one night we watched this PBS thing on last year's big Phish show up in Maine. And Friday we got a whole bunch of Ben & Jerry's at the supermarket, as it's on sale for about half price. Also ended up watching Miracle (good movie). One evening, Thursday, we went on a walk to Davis Square for a truly monstrous brownie sundae. Got over the sugar high eventually and went to bed. Weds. Andrew made the best batch of pad thai so far. OK so that was kind of in reverse chronological order, but that's how we remembered it!

Now, Saturday! This morning we slept in a bit and postponed the pond trip again. Went walking all over looking at tag sales. Found cheap hot rollers for my hair. Also "discovered" the food market / plant nursery that we live near. Bought string beans to make up for the fact that I'm not home to eat Mum's garden fresh produce. Later in the afternoon we ate at Fire & Ice again. Exceedingly slow and mediocre service again, although the food was good. We had to wait like half an hour for silverware and water (luckily most of that time we were out getting our food!)

In the evening we headed into Boston for the Modest Mouse concert. One of the opening bands was playing when we arrived. They weren't anything too appealing, except for an anti-Bush tirade and song. Then another band came out -- we assumed it was Modest Mouse. Soon realized (along with the people next to us) that it was not, in fact, MM. Good music though. Some band from Montreal, Quebec -- Parade of Wolves or something like that. So after that band we waited awhile, and then MM came out. We knew it was them as people were clapping and the lead singer matched up with our image of him after watching his MTV interview and the music video for "Float On." The first song they jumped right into was Paper Thin Walls. Then Float On. Also heard: the "Why would you wanna be such an asshole" song that Andrew likes, Pack of Family Dogs, "Are you dead or are you sleeping," the second song on the new CD, the "done done done with all the f f f-ing around" song... mostly stuff from the new CD. Some "jam out" songs, too -- something an old fan called a "cowboy" jam or song (which was lots of songs strung together with a different beat), and an extended version of the Cockroach song. Sorry this is all so incoherent, I'm feeling too lazy to look up exact song titles. Just remember them by lyrics, since we're constantly listening to their CDs in the car...

So yeah, the first concert experience was awesome. =) It was only like 9 pm when they stopped playing, so everyone clapped to get them out again. Around this time we started noticing the smell of pot smoke, and the lead singer came back out with butterfly wings on. Yes, you read right -- butterfly wings. Apparently he found them with some props behind stage somewhere. Looked pretty cool. Wish I had had my camera. Luckily Andrew got pictures with his cell phone camera. The joke before they started playing again: "When I was a larva I thought I knew f-ing everything."

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