Saturday, August 14, 2004

Friday: Kate saved me and gave me a ride to work. We took a lovely back route as we were early -- went through Sudbury and all the lush back roads. Work went trudging by... took a long lunch break with everyone, talking about sex ed. and other pertinent WARM subjects... Zach randomly handed out those sour warhead things, and mine was so sour I had to spit it out into my water cup. Yucky.

After work Cheryl brought me home, with a tricky manuever at the Alewife exit to get onto Mass. Ave. without hitting lots of traffic. I was able to give her directions from there, proving that I AM learning SOMETHING about this area!! I pretty much immediately went out to visit the ATM and the supermarket and return 9.5 Weeks. I'm the thriftiest shopper every -- for $3.25 I bought poptart like things, yogurt, & over a pound of grapes (which I discovered I picked out the seeded variety, but I'm dealing, they're such a lovely rosy color, "Christmas grapes" I think they were called, they look like the plastic kinds you buy to put in a bowl and gather dust. Added benefit of being kinda in between the tastes of green and purple grapes. Yes I know people usually call them red grapes, but I prefer purple).

Had a quick dinner involving spinach and rice, and got a little GRE studying squeezed in. Oh! And I saw the opening of the Olympics. Kinda cool, I loved the history floats. Cube man was funny. Enjoyed the dismantling of the Greek statues. The whole future symbolism was a little overkill though -- a pregnant woman (complete with glowing bulbous stomach) and DNL strands swirling about.

I slept waaaaay in this morning. I hate that groggy sick feeling I get from sleeping in. Not going to do it tomorrow! Oh no, I'm over that! The like two or three times I've slept past 10 this summer have killed me...

Anyways, after taking awhile to "pounce" on the day, I eventually got myself out and on a walk to enjoy the sunny portion of the partly cloudy day. (Sunny till about 4 pm when the clouds rolled in.) Had a repeat of the amazingly cheap shopping trip -- I'm going to Pemberton Farms these days for fresh produce. Makes you feel happy to be shopping because it's in a garden/nursery place, with lots of organic stuff and speciality items. About half a pound of string beans, a pound of italian plums, and a head of organic green leaf lettuce = $2.71. Amazing! Well at home it would all be free from neighbors and trees around where we live, but whatever. It's all the stuff that reminds me of home during the summer. (Frank's string beans, Uncle Scott's plum tree, Mum's lettuce.)

At some point while fooling around on the internet, I came across Russian Tortoise info. Must tell Andrew. Buster is supposed to like the color red, green peppers, and cherries. I think his light shell color is due to the fact that Andrew only feeds him lettuce. I took Buster out to scoot around on the floor. How does one clip a tortoise's toenails, by the way? Advice, anyone? Very perplexing. He slides all over the wooden floors. Must fix that, too.

Made dinner without any mishaps -- and my fried rice was not at ALL mushy like when we made it last time. I think it's because I used left over rice that had time to dry out and "unstick."

So many GRE words =( Verbal score hasn't increased according to Kaplan's diagnostic tests. Sh*t. Prolixity means wordiness, by the way.

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