Friday, April 30, 2004

I've had a couple of amazing days, and sad news. Butr let's start with the good news (it's in chronological order that way):

Yesterday: A really beautiful day. Warm and sunny, I was running around, walking Kobe, skipping lunch, to go to Prof. Demas's house. I'd eaten, well, not much -- a banana and milk, some juice and a little cereal -- and we ate cookies, fruit, and cake at Corinne's. Really yummy, but talk about a sugar high. Corinne's house is beautiful, too, and her dog was awesome, as were the donkeys. A really lovely class, with the breeze going through the house, and everyone there...

But in the evening, work set in on the online journal. 8 pm till after 11:30 ... crazy! Luckily Ije and Heather are fun to work with =)

Today: Another pretty warm day! And I slept in! Turned in English department award applications, ate at the picnic with Laura and Dorothy, distributed the first of our verbosities... lots of misdelivered periodicals today! My last peer mentoring class went well -- we had a little discussion of everything that was helpful in the class and we were all bonding like crazy and feeling totally thrilled with ourselves. It was a bubble moment.

Had a long conversation with Mum and Mer tonight... and we're dealing with things =(

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