Thursday, April 08, 2004

Crazy busy days. Unfortunately didn't get to the student meeting on dining service cutbacks and cutbacks in general. Next one, I promise... Yesterday I did make it to the forum on "Opting Out" -- women choosing to quit jobs in order to be home with the kids. That was totally different from what I expected...talking to Thomasena afterwards, we agreed on that... we also agreed that we didn't really know what we had expected in the first place. Bottom line: by the time you get out of grad/law/medical school, you have about five years to get your career going and then you may just give it all up. Things to remember.

It was balmy this morning. Then it became overcast (but not rainy). I climbed on top of my desk to get to my window, and proceeded to "wrassle" with my window. I managed to get the storm window up, and I secured it with the putty FacMan put all around my window to keep the cold air out (because I distinctly remember an incident last fall... sleeping and waking up at 3 am to a loud crash -- it was my storm window falling down from its upright position. F-ing ridiculous. Someone's going to have a hell of a time getting that storm window down again. GOOD LUCK!!) I then finally, after much personal injury (aka getting my hands filthy with window grime), managed to get my screen down. So now I can get air AND keep bugs out. What genius!

Oh yes. Advising is next week. Here's what I want to take, must pick four out of the proceding five:

American Lit III: because I really should take some, and I'd love to read some more recent literature...

Independent: because I hope it'll turn into a thesis.

Spanish seminar -- Sex and the City or the Witches and Utopia: because I need a Spanish seminar and I should take it immediately upon returning to campus as the longer I go without Spanish, the worse I become at speaking/reading/hearing/writing it.

Criminology: because I still need a damn social science! And because Prof. Moran is teaching it and my one line in Junior Show was spoken as him (even though I didn't know who he was).

Existentialism: because I've always wanted to take this and it wasn't offered for a full year and a half...

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