Monday, February 09, 2009


After a long hiatus...

I'm somewhat settled in the new apartment ( foam mattress arrived! adorable shabby chic dresser/desk in place! $3 yard sale wood chair carried home! hamper from Ross precariously carried home on a WAY crowded bus from downtown SF!). I've had some exploring, lots of reading in cafes, some dinners out (Chaya for vegetarian sushi, Great China in Berkeley, pizza place in the Mission, vegan place back in Palo Alto), some dinners in, and some time with the roommates. As in: last night's impromptu guitar/drums/homemade maraca jam session, this morning's homemade crepes, and tonight's French dinner, thanks to Vincent, who made us a cream pepper sauce, steak, and scalloped potatoes. All I managed was the vegetables. Anyway, today's roommate bonding time has kind of made up for the drudgery of outlining a syllabus and writing a course description AND coming up with sample assignments, all in the hopes of MAYBE getting a summer teaching gig. Jesus Christ.

Also: Buju the cat has decided that my room is her sanctuary when she feels like an insulted diva.

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