Thursday, February 19, 2009

recent victories

Over material conditions:

- The bed arrived, and I put it together all by myself. Well, and with the help of some books to prop up the side rails as I fastened them to the head/footboards.

- At some point before Saturday I will have a cushioned reading chair.

- I carried a lamp home in the rain.

- Saved 15$ at Rainbow Grocery with scavenged 20% off coupons. Oh, AND turned in an application for part time work.

- The uber soft sheep rug arrived. Buju the cat luuurves it.

Over new things:

- Presented a revised version of my prospectus at the Stanford-Berkeley colloquium. And took *questions.*

- Valentine's day when not in a relationship: the roommates & I went to the SF pillow fight and to a (new to me) Mexican restaurant.

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