Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Post-UP Update

I never did write much about the last couple weeks in Madison, so I'm going to do so now...

Friday after we got back, we saw a Talking Heads cover band. Surprisingly good. I'd definitely see them again.

Tuesday a group of us went to see Through a Scanner Darkly. Which was excellent. And we were all rather boggled by the end, I think.

Weds: One last Devil's Lake trip... We finally did some hiking there, had only seen two trails, and those the previous summer. Went throug the Devil's Gateway (Very Paradise Lost, right?) and saw Balance Rock (not that impressive). Beautiful views though of the lake and surrounding hills and countryside.

Then we went out for dinner, at this vegetarian place called The Cheese Factory. Very '50's-cutesy. Amazing to see a menu of ONLY vegetarian food. In fact, I don't think I've seen such a thing before, ever. So they had various meat-flavored tofus/seitans, etc., and a surprising range of ethnic plates. I had "El paso al cielo" (the path to heaven), which was cornbread with creamy corn salsa and cheese and peppers, a fried banana & pineapple & salsa on the side. Andrew had veggie goulash. And since this place is all about the desserts, we had the most decadent chocolate layer cake I've ever tasted for dessert (which we saved for the drive-in). Fluffy & light and moist cake and whipped chocolate centers... ahh.

The drive-in was awesome. We saw Talladega Nights w/ Will Ferrell & Snakes on a Plane. Hilarious combination. Stuffed myself with popcorn & cake. And an apple to make me feel better.

I ended up staying in Madison 3 extra days since the airlines didn't charge... Living on borrowed time. Monday we made a brief appearance at friends' bbq, ran some errands, and had pizza... Watched Weeds, the newest show I'm addicted to.

Tues... sadness, last day in Madison. Did some errands on State St., read A Streetcar Named Desire, and had dinner at The Weary Traveler. Packing took a while... brownie & ice cream for dessert... sleep. Melancholy, with the combination of the end of summer, leaving Andrew, and coming back to CA for the quals test. Kills me.

On the bright side, I'm staying at Adam & Amanda's place... which gives me some time to not live out of boxes (after those boxes somehow get from storage to my apartment on campus). It's an adorable, sunny place, with wood floors. I love how they've decorated. But then of course, that would make me sad too, because my dream apt. for living a while in Madison w/ Andrew is on similar lines... floor of a Victorian house, w/ wood floors, a bay window w/ window seat, and, of course, a west-facing porch.

I forgot that the clouds burn off here... I woke up this morning to overcast skies, and was reading in bed since it has the best morning light, and gradually the sun came out and the sky darkened to blue.

And I bought a pound of organic figs at Trader Joe's for 3$. The only cheap thing in CA.

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Andrew said...

Gotta have a west-facing porch. And a vegetable garden, of course. And no screaming-monster-son-of-landlord running up and down the halls bouncing a ball while his mute au-pair does nothing.