Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last weekend pre-classes...

It's been eventful...

Yesterday I talked to Sarah for a while, and she was incredibly helpful. She invited me into the city, and I thought, yes, I'll go. We hung out with Lee & Heather at a coffee/wine bar, got tacos in the Mission, and saw Heather's beautiful new apartment. Hayes St., wood floors, afternoon sun in the kitchen... perfect place.

Today I had laundry duty, and then headed onto campus... saw the remains of the brunch feast for the incoming first years, and sat in the terrace rooms with books and outlining materials. I've now got a timeline to help me conceptualize events with publishing dates, and an idea map to think about connections. Tomorrow will keep working on it.

This past evening I went with James and his roommate to see Little Miss Sunshine, which was HILARIOUS. I haven't laughed so hard since Josh Blue.

The only sad part of the day, was realizing that I didn't get to go on the hiking trip. Reminded me of last year, and realizing that a group was going hiking. The funny thing was, James had told me about going (possibly on Sunday), and I had been completely excited. But then, I didn't hear anything else, and wasn't sure if there was interest or not. So I finally have signed up for the outing club's mailing list. Maybe I can tag along at some point.

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Mum said...

Good move, seeing what the Outings group has to offer. Their years on campus & familiarity with the area give them an upper hand in showing newcomers special little gems and scenic spots. Plus..finding others that love hiking.
just like grammy and Papa D (he loved to hike the mt. and climbed several peaks) and then me(your mum) and Lois and mom...and now you & Mer....we all have some of that same blood running through our veins....with an added little hiking bug.
and yes, be prepared. weather permitting or not...come turkey week on tap...Lost Lake, Lookout Mt. and perhaps even a revisit to Elk Meadows to see how it faired after the wildfire.