Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wow wow I'm really done!

Yesterday was my last day in Boston; Andrew, conveniently, wasn't feeling well enough to go to work. Lots of sleep. I'm still making up for the last year, I think. Sat in the sun reading, messing around on the computer, and napping, while Andrew got some work done. In the evening we began the arduous task of finding new glasses for Andrew. The problem with this: Andrew wants glasses that will define and reveal his innermost character. Judging from our hour in the eyeglass office, this is a tough order to fill.

Dinner was amazing... and a great reminder of why Blanchard food is disgusting... We made sushi -- some CA rolls, and some inventions using mango. Perfectly ripe mango & avocado... heaven on a cutting board.

This morning we had our last ever early morning car ride to the Boston bus station. Got there in plenty of time -- I actually fell asleep twice on the bus, too. MHC was beautiful today (it's sneaky like that, getting prettier before you leave). I got my thesis corrections & handed in the final copy to the library. Andrew led me through the PDF-cation of my thesis, with no snags. Dropped by the English Dept... cleaned up my room to Jen's MMMBop next door... had dinner with my neighbors, Claudia, Nora, Erin, Joanna, and friends =) Topics included: secret handshakes, personal pizzas, and to what extent Blockbuster is the puppy mill of the video world. Then I finally returned Marx to his proper home.

America's Next Top Model -- it wasn't the small town girl from the midwest that I was rooting for, but the winner is equally cool, I've decided. I guess now there's nothing left to do but continue packing... ick.

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