Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm at work so this will be quite brief. It's FREEZING in here. I've got long socks on, slacks, and three layers -- cotton shirt, wool cardigan, Andrew's fleece -- and I'm STILL COLD!! My fingers get ice cold typing. Today's "high" (in the mid forties) is a record setting low for the Boston area. And it's raining like hell and windy outside. Great, huh? And, the management of the office buildings cleverly decided to turn off the heat back on May 15th -- in other words, it is now impossible to get the heat on. So we're all shivering, and wondering how they get away with charging rent for this office space. People are literally walking around in blankets. No joke.

Anyway, just had to copy Andrew's IM, because he's slowly going crazy with the computer science textbook writing:

ANDPEW: oh so cheryl and i came up with a great movie idea
ANDPEW: it's about a disgruntled textbook writer who uses his collection of big ass books to store tools (a la Shawshank Redemption) and slowly bores his way through his cubicle
Pink Poodledog: hahahah
ANDPEW: only to find himself in the middle of the river outside
ANDPEW: then he gets sucked into the old mill, which unknowingly is still active
Pink Poodledog: oh lord
Pink Poodledog: you guys got pretty far along on the plot development
ANDPEW: it was actually all my idea
ANDPEW: well cheryl suggested emerging into the water like in the movie
ANDPEW: well when we went out to lunch some people from across the hall were wondering what we do, so we explained
ANDPEW: but then we were thinking it'd be fun to make up a story about how the books are really just a front
ANDPEW: and that they're so big so we can store all sorts of cool stuff in the cut-out insides
Pink Poodledog: hahaha
Pink Poodledog: you guys are crazy. over here we're more normal, because we don't do technical writing =)
ANDPEW: haha

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