Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Two things I forgot to whine about:

1. Our dorm t-shirts are aaaaawful. First off, they're yellow -- a color which only looks good on a select few (me not being one of them). Then, it has a hamburger on it, which I just don't like on principle. Lastly, it says "delle-icious," which, I admit, is a clever way to use our dorm name, EXCEPT for the fact that this same tactic is used ALL THE TIME, most notably on the shirt I got my FIRST YEAR while living in the delles, which ALSO said "delle-icious" but only with a picture of a Chinese food take out box, rather than a burger. So not pleased. Plus it's in a 70s bubbly letter style that doesn't set well with me. Karuna is saving the day -- her dorm has a leftover hoodie with a way cooler theme!

2. Monday morning: I'd stayed up till 3 am working on my thesis introduction, and was scheduled to get just barely 7 hours of sleep (my minimum necessary to be alert and functioning). 8:30 AM, an hour before my alarm was to go off, a loud foghorn blare -- the opening of our fire alarm. I woke up -- groggy and interrupted in the middle of the much sought after REM cycle (ie "rapid eye movement" -- when you're dreaming, that last phase of sleep that actually makes you feel rested -- proven at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY in the '50s to be the really vital part of your sleep cycle -- if you're woken up each night whenever you start REM-ing, you're cranky & ill-rested). I realized that I couldn't fall back asleep unless I peed, so I got up for the restroom. Everyone else was out in the hallway, too, and on the way back to my room I was complaining to Jess. This might be the one thing she remembers about living next to me: "I was in the middle of REM. I'm never going to get that back!" The alarm started going off twice more in a ten minute period. VERY pissed off about it! I can't wait to live not-in-a-dorm =/

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