Friday, July 02, 2004

Today ended up being a "mandatory day off." As in, the entire C-- family was going to be gone so they gave everyone the day off, too. I tried to work from home, but Charlene told me that wasn't going to work out. I needed the sleep though... doing chores around the house and catching up on things I've not had the time to do during the week. But we have had some fun, even on weeknights:

Weds. night: Buster needed a new bulb for his heat lamp, so we took our first visit to the pet store that's like, less than a block away. Ok so only Merrie is going to understand my next observation. Why is it that so many small, privately owned pet stores are run by somewhat overweight middle aged men? Anyway. This is a pretty cool pet store -- there was a brown frog that looked like a dead leaf, small water turtles (Andrew was about ready to bring one home -- seriously), a very large and primarily red parrot, one big adult bunny (guess that one isn't a best seller, I'm thinking it's a grown-up-left-over-Easter-bunny), a couple of guinea pigs, ferrets, and your typical assortment of fish and smaller birds. They didn't have a bulb for Buster, though.

Thursday night I was pretty damn tired. My eyes had felt dry all day. Charlene let us go an hour early, so I had extra time for the old GRE words and book reading. Luckily we had leftovers for dinner. Somerville had its own fireworks celebration (the first in 20 years), so we decided to check it out. As we were walking towards the park, the fireworks started, so we ran a bit. It was pretty fun, even though they didn't last longer than 20 minutes. At one point we thought we'd seen the "grand finale." A while later, we knew it was the grand finale when like 20 got shot up into the air at the same time. There were two sets of those high frequency displays -- it was getting ridiculous, like you couldn't blink or you'd miss them! Everyone was laughing and clapping (except for some little kids (and not so little kids) getting led away by their parents, crying and saying "I HATE the fourth of July!!").

We also took one of our many grocery trips -- highlight being the No Bake Jello Cookies and Cream Dessert. I made it last night -- Andrew said he was impressed by my use of a whisk as a blender (and I can even do speeds, low speed and high speed. kind of). But considering that I've made this stuff in a dorm kitchenette, with the aid of only bowls and forks, a whisk was an improvement!

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