Monday, July 12, 2004

Quickie update before going to bed EARLY (yes, before 11 PM!!):

Friday: Andrew & I went to his "former abode" to visit Jon & Jen. We helped with dinner (I cut up avocados and mushed them). I once did that in 4-H, it was just as fun the second time around. Apparently there was talk at Andrew's work about guacamole: solid or liquid? (I say amorphic solid, or whatever it's called, I can't find it on google right now.) Jon made a good cilantro sauce for beef, it was surprisingly well matched. After dinner we pretty much sat and relaxed and chatted. Didn't get back till pretty late, luckily I didn't have to get up early the next day.

Saturday: Lots and lots and lots of vocab words. Got through I. I was inundated with new words, and most of them begin IN or IM. Very easy to confuse them all.

"All day Saturday -- 14 hours to be exact,
Andrew was at the office, with the whole pack,
Racing against the clock to finish Java work.
At the beck and call of Harvey -- that old jerk."

So toward evening, when it was clear that Andrew was not coming home for dinner (he ate two cold pieces of pizza left over from lunch). So, Kory and I went out to dinner. We thought Andrew would be joining us, but this clearly didn't happen. I met Kory's coworker, and we had drinks and dinner. Tried a cranberry bog martini, Kory enlightened me as to the alcohol content. Stopped drinking that one. Instead, had a "light red wine," Kory's tagged that as the sort I would like. I think I agree, it didn't make me cough. They have very good polenta, squash blossoms, and chocolate cake.

Saturday night Andrew got home around 11:30 PM. He was hungry, so we went to Red Bones. They have very sticky tables there. I noticed because I kept putting my elbows in a particularly sappy spot. We came home and fell right asleep, lights on, computer on, it was a mess.

I woke up Sunday morning, very early, and brushed my teeth.

The next day we had a very heavy brunch that wasn't conducive to feeling light and active the rest of the day. We sat on Revere beach, like beached whales. Andrew got burnt, again. Then we explored this "Building 19" with lots of leftover crap from other stores. Took a much needed visit to Wal-Mart and Target. The brita is working beautifully.

Today at lunch we discussed water quality. I think of the bunch, we had better water to start with. Stephanie's water in Clinton is brown. Charlene's well water is orange with iron. Ours is at least clear.

That brings us up to now!

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