Thursday, October 23, 2008


By NO measurement is Sarah Palin and her family working class.

And how the fuck does one even spend 150,000$ on clothes?!


Karuna Johnson said...

Actually that was the campaign. wasn't Palin's idea to spend that much on clothing. Basically, someone specifically donated that money for her clothing. If you ask me, the fact that the media is even caring about that is a sign of sexism in our society. How many times does the media look into how much male politicians spend on their clothes? Yah, it is disgusting how out of line the media is with Palin. Talk about not focusing on issues.

Becky said...

Yeah... but it sounds like part of a pattern (like the report on having the state pay for her daughters' airfare).

Also: I'm not convinced this is primarily a problem of sexist reporting. Remember Edwards and the infamous $400 haircut? It pales in comparison to what McCain spends on a make up artist.