Monday, July 14, 2008

catching up

The noteworthy events of the ten (eek) past days:

- Andrew's father visited. Which meant lots of eating out, watching movies, and socializing. We spent fourth of July with friends of Andrew's dad -- including playing some version of kick ball (literally: kick the ball back and forth) and monopoly with a five and eight year old. Although at least we didn't sit at the kids' table for dinner.

- Interesting development of patchy insomnia. Including one night, and now, most mornings when the sky is just turning gray, and ending as the sun comes up.

- Still trying to go jogging, as it seems to help with the sleeping and staying sane.

- FINALLY DONE WITH BARNABY RUDGE. Not my favorite Dickens, but I'm willing to ignore that if I can find a reason to write about it. Now onto reviewing/reading before Dickens Universe.

- Tested the seating capacity of the studio on Friday, with a vegetarian sushi night.

- Went into the city on Saturday for another Shepherd play, Buried Child.

- Attended Hannah and Whitney's dinner party, which was amazing. I need a dining table. I'm so done with breakfast bars.

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