Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the salad to cookie ratio

Bring on summer salad

Farmers' market medley: spinach and baby gem salad with snap peas, raw beet, strawberries, and mint. Dressing: white balsamic vinegar and local olive oil, with a spritz of lemon.

Underbaked cookies

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever, after much searching on allrecipes.com. Is it the extra egg yolk? Something makes these good -- but underbaking them by two minutes makes them great.


Ricki said...

I like your branching out! raw beet though, hmm..difficult to cut? pretty salad, yummy looking cookies!

you'd be very proud of me. last night I ate a salad with fresh cut asparagus on the side. and one other night this week was just rice and salad. no meat; didn't miss it.

Becky said...

Yeah -- I usually steam beets, but once when I was complaining that it takes so long just to make a salad with them, Jill was like, you do realize you can eat them raw? It was a bit difficult to cut -- but not worse than a carrot really. Speaking of raw foods, have you ever eaten raw asparagus...?

Ricki said...

not really, is it good raw? I've got a bunch I picked with Cindy out of an orchard.