Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Till Friday

I just need to make it until 3:30 on Friday. Then I can begin drinking and forgetting the name of characters. Like Ivanhoe's love interest: Rowena. I never remember that name. Probably because it's so similar to *Waverley's* love interests (Rose, Flora -- which are kind of too similar, now that I see them together).

And then I can stop worrying about marriage plots and the development of the lyric and realism vs. naturalism... and start worrying about a dissertation.

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Ricki said...

Rowena. That's the little town before you reach The Dalles. Above which is the circular rock promontory
viewpoint, and didn't we go there to hike & view wildflowers, with grammy and papa....one windy day?

Remember how excited you were when Stanford WANTED you??? They saw a little gem.

Like the little girl in 'Corrina, Corrina":
'This little light of mine, I'm a' gonna let it shine.'

We're with ya! Good luck!!