Saturday, February 16, 2008

always with the zombie dreams

I woke up this morning from *another* zombie dream. In fact, I think I was in process with it when my alarm went off, and that I slipped back into it when I turned the alarm off. Meaning that I got to see the post-zombified world, and that I slept in. I assume this happened because I was talking to Bridget about weird dreams yesterday, and that I read a NYT review of Romero's Diary of the Dead film. This particular variation on the dream involved being with I don't even know who, in a house/hotel room, and gradually fighting off the approaching masses. Pretty basic plot line. Unfortunately, any children involved become zombies. I'm not sure what happened, but I somehow managed to avoid becoming undead. (I think it involved flying -- don't ask me why for this brief moment me and the other escapees realized everyone had wings -- and then realizing that flying was rather conspicuous, and that walking on the margins of groups was safer.) And I'm guessing that part 2 was what happened after: I remember going through a cafeteria line, and recognizing another "nonzombie." I don't think the post zombie world was all that different, except that people in public spaces were even duller, and, at least in the cafeteria line, made purry growly hungry noises. Which I also had to start making to avoid suspicion. Anyways, I remember getting a sandwich and piece of cake, and moving on. Then I was entering something like a hotel room (I'm assuming my apartment?), when a zombie from the cafeteria passed me, and I was flustered, and was kind of laughing about something, and he turned and said that I was giddy, and that I wasn't turned. I didn't have my room opened yet, so I booked it down the hall. He locked all the other doors -- and here my dream became textual, because I feel like I could *see* the word "click" on the page as he went down the hall to each door -- while I flew down flight after flight of concrete steps, trying to get some distance before he entered the stairwell. And then I woke up, luckily, because things weren't really going so well for me.

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