Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gorging on the DVR

Things I have watched:

-Most of the BBC Bleak House


-Every new Law & Order

-"A Daily Show" with Jon Stewart going it alone without his writers (and elucidating the situation)

-Keeping the Faith

-New Hampshire results: I'm glad Hillary got it. I don't agree with everything that Steinem said in the NYT today, but after reading it, I did want to see Hillary continue in the running.

-Lots of Project Runway.

-Basically all of the most recent Next Food Network Star.

-Cashmere Mafia. And then tonight, we saw an ad for a show on NBC, also about successful, young, sexy business women. And the title? Lipstick Jungle. The Onion should probably hire whoever at NBC came up with that title.

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