Monday, September 03, 2007

Things I've noticed

- Every toilet has a different flushing mechanism. Whether you press a lever on the upper side, lift a rod out of the top, or push a button mounted on the wall above. And the train bathrooms kick it up a notch: do you push a button mounted over the sink, press a button on the floor with your foot, or use a lever?

- The juice & bread I've bought *actually tell you how long it's safe to eat after opening.* Let's get with that program.

- Chocolate is a meal in and of itself.

- Payphones do not exist as I know them. Swisscom rules all, and will require your credit card.


Anonymous said...

Ah the toilets! The worst was in Italy, when we walked into the public restroom and only saw a little hole in between two foot-shaped marks on the floor. Have you had to pay for any yet? Switzerland's toilets were the best though! ~Lindsey

Anonymous said...

p.s. Let me know if you're planning to go to the Interlaken area... you should visit Gimmelwald, there's a great hostel there! ~Lindsey