Saturday, May 19, 2007

Banana slugs

I went on the EV hiking trip to Sam McDonald today, which is basically in La Honda. It was sunny at Stanford, but incredibly misty in La Honda (the hills are often covered with fog). Strange weather: it was misting, but almost raining under the trees, which seemed to attract and collect precipitation. I finally found the haven of the banana slugs: I must have seen at least fifty. And salamanders (or what are they Mer, orange bellied newts?). And millipedes. And some people with horses. Not very crowded, which was nice.

Back here... I've been cleaning house in preparation for Andrew arriving tonight, and grading some papers. Guess I'll get back to that!


Ricki said...

I can see why they're called banana slugs. They're almost beautiful!

Merrie said...

Yay for banana slugs. They ARE beautiful. They can actually vary in color quite a bit, I'm pretty sure those huge brown slugs we used to see on the canal trail "in the woods" were banana slugs. I have seen some that are brown with black spots (rotten bananas!) but just one truly yellow one like these.