Monday, August 28, 2006

Lake of the Clouds

At the lookout point over the Lake of the Clouds (in the UP)

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Mum said...

Hi Becky,
I had fun trying to locate your many stops along your trip to the UP!! Needed my glasses and the magnifying lens. Pretty much found everything...Lake of the Clouds, Mirror Lake, Black River and all those waterfalls, council grounds and Bond Falls. so cool. Sounds like a wonderful respite. and of course Porcupine could I forget that!! I love those critters. I've never seen the northern lights, lucky you!! we're up late trying to organize gear for camping for 3 much stuff, you know. got Tim a new camp stove and lantern for the trip. Will write more later. we leave friday hopefully in the a.m.
Mer got your postcard today..she's in Corvallis for the night.
love you!!