Saturday, April 22, 2006

A good day.

For the following reasons:

1. Jill called me around 3 pm to alert me to the Bush protest on the Stanford campus. Because you know it's serious when Stanford, previously known as the "hotbed of social rest," forces Pres. Bush to relocate his meeting. The following from Mercury News:

President Bush's visit to Stanford University's Hoover Institution was quickly moved to another location after more than 1,000 protesters converged around the Hoover tower.

The White House said the protesters blocked the only road into the central areaof the campus where Hoover is located, which forced a meeting with several Hoover fellows to be moved to the campus home of former Secretary of State George Shultz, a Hoover fellow who organized the gathering.

The motorcade instead traveled to the house, which is on the outer edge of campus.

The change in plans delayed the president's arrival by about 15 minutes.

Protesters said they were disappointed that the President would not see them and accused the President of sneaking around to avoid them.

We saw helicopters, enforcers in riot gear, a small number of arrests, and tons of great signs, including "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease."

2. Amy's organic and vegetarian dinners on sale at Andronico's.

3. This video of the woefully masochistic and anti-feminist Caitlin Flanagan, who seems to think we should return to a time when women had no choice but to say yes -- to marriage, to staying at home, to having children, to being sexually available at the drop of a hat, to being unable to own property, etc. She comes dangerously close to endorsing men's rights to lobotomize their wives (especially if they aren't putting out -- a high crime in Flanagan's world). Unhinged.

4. Jill came over for a sushi making session -- we made sooo much food. And sooo good. And Jill introduced us to pinot noir, so I finally understand why Sideways endorses it -- amazing. Also: do not be scared away by Japanese candy that comes in a box decorated with little mushrooms. It is actually very good, as the mushrooms are made out of shortbread cookie & chocolate. The parallels between cartoon mushrooms and cartoon Keebler elves boggles the mind... (shortbread fudge stripes, vs. shortbread shrooms with fudge).

5. This song, "I'm the Decider," which is set to the tune of "I am the Walrus" (refers to a recent comment Bush made about Rummy, revealing hubris too massive even for a Greek tragedy).

6. Brought to my attention by Feministe, this line from Pablo Neruda's "Every Day You Play": "I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees."

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